Most Commonly asked questions

Q.Can I really learn how to shoe a horse in one weekend?shoeing-aug-den-teaching-at-board

Yes! I have been doing these weekend farrier classes since 1993 and I get one of two reactions when the class is over. One is people are confident they can do their own work or they never mind paying to get it done again.

Information will be there and I will be there to instruct and show you exactly what to do that is why the class is limited for you to get your own personal attention from instructor. It does require sometime to develop speed and skill to trim and shoe but at this weekend farrier school you will definitely learn exactly what needs to be done so that you can work on developing your own farrier skills after the horseshoeing class is over.

Q. Can I bring more than one horse to the class?

A. Learning how to shoe a horse for the first time – one horse or four feet are all your going to want to do at your first attended class.

Q. Do I need to have any prior experience before attending this horseshoeing class?

A. No, however; you would benefit by purchasing my book “ Horse Trimming Made Simple” and Balance Shoeing DVD. This will jump start you on a journey of using a clear mental picture to tell you exactly what you need to do.

I have had in the past a person take this class and the only experience he had prior was the video and he could trim a foot and put a shoe on as good as any professional simply from watching the DVD repeatedly before he came to class.

Anytime you can develop a mental picture it becomes practical and realistic and you don’t have to wonder what to do, you know what to do next as it has become an image in your mind already. In class you will be taking that still mental picture to action.

Q. Can I shoe professionally after I take the class?

A. I do have several students from the past that have gone on to be professional farriers.

My opinion and best approach for becoming a professional horseshoer is to come take a class. Then go home and practice on your own horse for a few months then come back to the school. Repeat this process until you have the confidence that you will need to shoe horses as a professional for the public.

Q. Will I receive a certification?

A. Yes